Advancements in technology have changed the landscape of business communication from the old, annoying static advertisement type to the leading-edge, animation-driven content delivery platforms. The digital animation-based content is more effective in achieving communication objectives and delivers a higher return on investments for advertisers.


  • We deploy our innovative digital screens to carefully-selected high traffic locations all over the Kingdom of Jordan.
  • As a first phase, our focus will be installing digital signage displays in gas stations around the Kingdom.
  • These displays will be remotely managed via our network from Gimmick‚Äôs headquarters.
  • Advertisement’s will be playing 24/7.
  • Real-time adverts can be pushed to the displays instantaneously.
  • Advertisers will be allowed a time of 10 seconds per loop.
  • Gas station customers can watch the advert displays while having their tank filled up.
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